01 January 2021

Legal Techy Tuesday virtual legaltech demo series

Published on 01 January 2021

In October 2019, CLI launched its Legal Techy Tuesday (LTT) series – a virtual webinar series where legaltech developers meet legaltech users and discuss their mutual needs and expectations. The entire LTT series is FREE. The library of videos and links to register for upcoming events are noted below.

The LTT series recognises that while legaltech has become an integral part of legal practice, not everyone has the time or is located close enough to a city where a demo may be taking place – we wanted to create an inclusive space, somewhere where everyone was welcome, no matter what their stage of tech knowledge, interest or need.

The LTT webinars are NOT “selling” sessions. They are opportunities for the tech developers to chat about what they did, why and how it impacts legal practice. Typically, in an LTT webinar, the presenter will identify the problem they sought to solve, discuss how they went about solving it, and then show how all that came together by doing a demo of their tech.

We record the LTT webinars and make them available on our CLI-Collaborate (CLIC) FREE resource hub so, if you missed the live webinar or want to watch it or watch it again, you can, at no charge to you.

For some of the webinars, we have partnered with the Lander & Rogers LawTech Hub powered by YBF Ventures – we are delighted to be working with them and to provide another way to share the amazing work being undertaken at the Hub. 

The list or “library” of our LTT series is noted below – just click on the link and you’ll be taken to the video on CLIC. You’ll also see our upcoming webinars in the series and where you can register.

We will be updating this page regularly so, do check in from time to time or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to receive notifications about upcoming LTT webinars and additions to CLIC.

Finally, don’t forget through one of our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) of CLI’s Legalpreneurs Lab, the Better Betas SIG, we encourage legaltech developers to keep the conversations going with legaltech enthusiasts, you’ll find information about the Legalpreneurs Lab and the SIG here.

Dates Topic Presenter
14 June 2022
Everchron Virtual Demo
Watch Now
Kate Clark, CEO, Enhanced Litigation Management Solutions
22 March 2022 India Showcase – Conduct, a product by Ungender and Presolv360
Watch Now
Pallavi Pareek, Founder, Conduct
Bhaven Shah, Co-Founder and Namita Shah, Co-Founder, Presolv360
15 February 2022
1pm – 2pm AEDT
Legal Tech Helper Virtual Demo presented in association with the Lander & Rogers LawTech Hub
Watch Now
Tatiana Lenz and Samantha Lovrich, Co-Founders of Legal Tech Helper
19 October 2021
Visualising the law – StructureFlow Virtual Demo
Watch Now
Owen Oliver, Head of Product, StructureFlow
28 September 2021
QuickaPay Virtual Demo
Watch Now
Nathan Carroll, Co-Founder, QuickaPay
14 September 2021
Virtual Demo with the Dazychain creator
Watch Now
Dr Katherine King, Chief Executive Officer, Yarris Technologies/Co-founder of Dazychain
17 August 2021
Rulestar Virtual Demo
Watch Now
David Lipworth, Managing Director, Rulestar
20 July 2021
Global Developments in Legal Technology with Legaltech Hub
Watch Now
Listen Now             

Nicola Shaver, Co-founder, Legaltech Hub

Chris Ford, Co-founder, Legaltech Hub

8 June 2021              Everyday Justice’s Client Intake Demo
Watch Now

Amy Burton, Managing Lawyer, Everyday Justice 

18 May 2021
My Legal Einstein Virtual Demo (AI-Powered Legal Contract Review)
Watch Now
Jim Chiang, Founder and CEO, My Legal Einstein
20 April 2021
Avvoka Virtual Demo
Watch Now
Giles Thompson, Head of Growth, Avvoka
Featured video - March 

Tech Talks: Tech tools that changed my legal world – Session two
Watch Now

Facilitator Fiona McLay, Principal Lawyer & Consultant, McLay Legal

Faculty and tech discussed:

Lilly Brown, Lawyer, Capelin Law, Josef (chatbot)

Carly Stebbing, Founder, Resolution123 Zapier and G-suite (no Legal practice management system)

Janis Donnelly-Coode, Content and Brand Manager, FamilyProperty; Solicitor, Novus Law Group Australia FB automated intake (landing pages and auto responders)

Fiona Giannakopoulos, Principal Solicitor, NMAS Mediator, Collaborative Practice, FKG Law Family Property (automated financial disclosure)

Gemma Nugent, Contract and Commercial Lawyer, SoundLegal iPad/OneNote/PDF Expert/Office apps (paperless working)

Nicole Eadie, Practice Manager, Harris Freidman Lawyers Dragon Dictate (digital dictation)

Featured video - March Tech Talks: Tech tools that changed my legal world – Session one
Watch Now 

Facilitator Fiona McLay, Principal Lawyer & Consultant, McLay Legal

Faculty and tech discussed:

Cara Austen, Director, Twine Business & Law Pty Ltd Loom (video communication with clients)

Emma Heuston, Founder & Principal Lawyer, The Remote Expert Canva (social media graphics)

Ella Cannon, Associate Principal, Hive Legal Contract Probe (AI assisted contract review)

James Muscat, Principal Lawyer/Director/Registered Migration Agent, Dynamic Lawyers Hubspot (CRM)

Clarissa Rayward, Director & Accredited Family Law Specialist, Mediator & Collaborative Lawyer, Brisbane Family Law Centre; Podcaster, Author & Presenter, Happy Lawyer, Happy Life Bundledocs (Document collation)

Despina Anagnostou, Principal Solicitor, Anagnostou Business & Commercial Lawyers Logikcull (eDiscovery)

16 February 2021
LodgeX Virtual Demo
Watch Now 
Kathy Constan, Founder & CEO and Jamie Jackson, Senior Associate, LodgeX
24 November 2020  Actionstep Virtual Demo
Watch Now
Tyler Bannerman, Senior Account Executive, Australasia and
David Hepburn, Global President, Actionstep 
17 November 2020   Evenor Virtual Demo presented in association with the Lander & Rogers LawTech Hub powered by YBF Ventures
Watch Now
Mapa Madhawa, CEO, Evenor 
6 October 2020

Neota Logic Virtual Demo
Watch Now

Mark Tyndall, VP, markets & Growth, APAC, Neota Logic
15 September 2020

India Showcase: LegalMind Virtual Demo
Watch Now

Anubhav Mishra, Co-Founder & CEO, LegalMind
1 September 2020

India Showcase: Leegality Virtual Demo
Watch Now

Aditya Patel, Law, Strategy and Marketing, Leegality
25 August 2020
Relativity Virtual Demo 
Watch Now
Rolf Behrens, Solutions Specialist, Relativity
28 July 2020
Anika Legal Website and Client Intake Form Virtual Demo presented in association with the Lander & Rogers LawTech Hub powered by YBF Ventures 
Watch Now
Tessa Ramanlal, Co-Founder and Head of User and Mason Maddy, Experience Design Lead, Anika Legal
21 July 2020
ODR Showcase:Immediation Virtual Demo
Watch Now
Laura Keily, Founder and Managing Director, Immediation
14 July 2020
CODR (Complete Online Dispute Resolution) and adapting to a new era
Watch Now 
Charlotte Agnew-Harington and Ben Morgan, Operations Officers, CODR
30 June 2020
Kim Technologies Virtual Demo
Watch Now 
Karl Chapman, Director, Kim Technologies
23 June 2020
FirmChecker Virtual Demo
Watch Now  
Ben Farrow, CEO & Co-Founder, FirmChecker
26 May 2020
Red Marker Virtual Demo
Watch Now 
Clare Dengate Thrush, Head of Sales & Partnerships, Red Marker
Mark Wood, Chief Operating Officer, Red Marker
21 April 2020
NEXL Virtual Demo presented in association with the Lander & Rogers LawTech Hub powered by YBF Ventures
Watch Now 
Philipp Thurner, CEO & Founder, NEXL             
10 March 2020
eBrief Virtual Demo presented in association with the Lander & Rogers LawTech Hub powered by YBF Ventures
Watch Now
Stephen Foley, Founder & Managing Director, TALaw
Sally Moten, Partner, Lander & Rogers
25 February 2020
Office 365 for Lawyers Virtual Demo
Watch Now
Hayden Sinclair, Principal, The SharePoint Agency
Gene Turner, Managing Director, LawHawk
18 February 2020
Adieu 1-Click Disclosure Virtual Demo
Watch Now
Andrew Wight, Co-Founder & CEO, Adieu
Bill Wight, Co-Founder & COO, Adieu
4 February 2020
FamilyProperty Virtual Demo presented in association with the Lander & Rogers LawTech Hub powered by YBF Ventures
Watch Now
Fiona Kirkman, CTO FamilyProperty
Tim Kirkman, CTO, FamilyProperty
10 December 2019
Disburse It Virtual Demo
Watch Now
Lauren Hertel, Director, Disburse It
26 November 2019
LawHawk Virtual Demo
Watch Now
Gene Turner, Managing Director, LawHawk
12 November 2019
Mursion Virtual Demo
Watch Now
Doug MacKay, Director of Business Development, Mursion
22 October 2019
Checkbox Virtual Demo
Watch Now
Evan Wong, Co-Founder & CEO, Checkbox