Legal Techy Tuesday Series: Global Developments in Legal Technology with Legaltech Hub


In this session, in CLI’s Legal Techy Tuesday Series  Nicola Shaver and Chris Ford, Co-founders at Legaltech Hub discussed global developments in legal technology and provided a demo of the Hub too. Nikki and Chris also shared insights gleaned from undertaking the research underpinning Legaltech Hub which included how to identify regional legaltech maturity, what signs indicate a region is about to boom, how to identify market opportunity and, for buyers, how to fill the capability gaps in legaltech portfolios by using Legaltech Hub.

Legaltech Hub launched in October 2020. It provides a means for legal professionals across the world to easily find the legal technology tools that suit their environment. It combines a comprehensive directory of global legal technology with nuanced and powerful search functionality.

Legaltech Hub allows users to search across solutions and apply filters for linguistic efficacy, jurisdiction, practice area, and target demographic. In doing this, it provides a resource for corporate in-house departments, mid-small law firms and other entities to find comprehensive lists of all solutions that specifically address their environment, and for regional lawyers to find the tools that will work in their language.

Legaltech Hub also seeks to democratize legal technology by providing an equal playing field and side-by-side promotional opportunities for start-ups alongside major industry players, allowing users to discover new solutions each time they perform a search.

If you would prefer to listen rather than watch this session, you’ll find the podcast in our The Legalpreneurs Sandbox podcast series here.