Our Work

Our Work

Our Work

The Centre for Legal Innovation undertakes its work within three main areas:

  1. Emerging Legal Practice;
  2. Innovation and Legalpreneurship; and
  3. LegalTech and AI.

The purpose of these work areas is to focus but not limit the type of work undertaken by the Centre. It assists us in making decisions about what the Centre does and does not do.

Our work areas also guide the projects undertaken by our Research and Distinguished Fellows.

Some recent examples of initiatives in our work areas include (you’ll find additional information about these by clicking on the links below):


Work Area CLI Recent Initiatives
Emerging legal practice

ReinventED Legal Business: The Case Studies webinar and podcasts series: information and experience sharing from thought leaders and doers walking the talk and reshaping legal practice in their own firms, organisations and consultancies every day

Client Experience webinar and podcast series: a deep dive into understanding the client experience – their demands and expectations - and how to exceed them too!

Innovation and Legalpreneurship

Legalpreneurs Lab: your one stop shop for information, experience sharing and networking about changes in the legal ecosystem and best practices from other industries

CLI Innovation Incubator program: a place for law firms, legal departments, ALSPs and community legal centres to conceive and advance innovation projects with the support of specialist coaches 

The Legalpreneurs Sandbox podcast series: a place where thought leaders and doers share what’s new, what worked, what didn’t work and what they learned along the way

LegalTech and AI

Digital Literacy webinar and podcast series: a place to learn how to use tech/AI for the benefit of your legal business, clients, and employees