Digital Literacy
01 January 2021

Digital Literacy Series

Published on 01 January 2021

Digital Literacy...we read and hear the term often but, what does it mean in legal business and practice? How do we know if our firms/organisations need a digital strategy? What does it look like? If we use tech/AI, are we digitally literate? What tech/AI should we use? What capabilities do we need to be digitally literate? How do all of these pieces fit together? These questions, many more, and some not yet anticipated, will be answered in this Digital Literacy Series.

We’re going wide and not narrow with what we’ll focus on in this series:

  • We view digital literacy as strategic and operational – the framework that connects all the pieces of the puzzle together. It helps us understand why and how digital technology is important and integral to legal business planning, legal service/product delivery, meeting client expectations and creating a great client experience, supporting staff engagement and creating a fabulous employee experience, and being able to reach business performance goals (with agility). It’s also about how that framework comes to life, is implemented and carried forward in the tech/AI fuelled processes and systems used in day to day business operations. And, it involves data - the data produced by and through the framework and applied in implementation.

  • It also has an individual and firm/organisation-wide capabilities focus – people need to know what digital and tech/AI tools are available, where to find them, how to use and create content with them, and how to interpret the data produced by them to get THEIR work done faster, cheaper and better and, collectively and collaboratively, make that happen firm/organisation-wide too.

This series will be bought to you by people who are creating, doing, advising, using, and delivering legal services and products that define/redefine digital literacy. They’ll provide you with information, templates, checklists, recommendations, experience sharing, case studies, tools and demonstrations – it’s going to be practical, informative and we hope helpful too!

Date Topic Presenter
1 June – 26 October 2021
Automation Mini Series:
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*Episode 7 – Lessons learned about automation

*Episode 6 – Legal workflow automation and data deep dive

*Episode 5 – They all just look like tools to me – How to choose a solution

*Episode 4 – Building a Business Case for Legal Automation

*Episode 3 – What should I automate? How to choose the right project

*Episode 2 – Using legal automation to solve the bigger business problems

*Episode 1 – What legal automation is and why you should care

Tom Dreyfus, CEO & Co-founder, Josef
Sam Flynn, COO and Co-founder, Josef and CLI Advisory Board Member
Terri Mottershead, Executive Director, Centre for Legal Innovation (Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific)
Giles Thompson, Head of Growth, Avvoka
Gene Turner, Managing Director, LawHawk and CLI Advisory Board Member
Mark Tyndall, VP, Markets & Growth, APAC, Neota Logic
Evan Wong, CEO & Co-Founder, Checkbox

Gary Adler, Chief Digital Officer, MinterEllison
Adj. Assoc. Prof. Peter Dombkins, Director, PwC Australia, New Law
Mark Ford, Director of Knowledge & Innovation Strategy,
Anna Golovsky, Executive Manager, Legal and Company Secretariat Operations, IAG
Alex Rosenrauch, Manager, PwC NewLaw

21 January 2021
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