Legal Techy Tuesday Series: LodgeX Virtual Demo

On 16 February 2021, Kathy Constan, Founder & CEO and Jamie Jackson, Senior Associate, LodgeX showcased and demonstrated LodgeX’s platform for electronic settlements.


Established in 2017, LodgeX is an independent and highly experienced, electronic settlement agency for Lawyers, Conveyancers, Developers, Financiers, Industry Professionals, and others who require an efficient and trustworthy solution for their electronic conveyancing needs, Australia wide.


LodgeX developed from identified gaps in the e-conveyancing industry ranging from lack of access due to subscriber compliance issues; older business processes; technophobia; to scalability difficulties for ramp up on bulk volume work, and sought to solve these issues with a seamless interface for customers for whom direct transacting in PEXA was not viable. Also and in response to customer needs, LodgeX created Lapp. Lapp is a bespoke, user friendly booking and workflow management platform that provides visibility, real time updates, easy communication, minimal disruption to business practices together with the usual tick boxes relating to cyber security and audit trails.


In this session, LodgeX also discussed how it partners with its customers to improve their client relations, increase their efficiencies and boost their bottom line.