Automation Mini Series – Episode 1: What legal automation is and why you should care


On 1 June 2021, as the first episode of seven in CLI’s Digital Literacy Series: Automation Mini Series, Giles Thompson, Head of Growth at Avvoka and guest presenter Mark Ford, Director of Knowledge & Innovation Strategy at guided us through the basics of legal automation.

Topics covered in this episode included:

  • What legal automation actually is (and what it isn’t)
  • If and why you should care about it
  • How to tell if you should launch your own automation project
  • What your aims should be if you do embark on your own legal automation journey

This mini series brings together a unique collaboration of leading legal automation specialists who will address a number of different but related topics in legal automation. You’ll find details about the mini series and upcoming episodes here.

If you would prefer to listen rather than watch this episode, you’ll find the podcast in our The Legalpreneurs Sandbox podcast series here.