Digital Literacy Series: eDiscovery Mini Series

eDiscovery Mini Series - Episode 3: Gathering an All-Star Team – Who you need for an efficient legal review

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On 6 April 2022, as the third episode of five in CLI’s Digital Literacy Series: eDiscovery Mini Series, Kate Clark, CEO, Enhanced Litigation Management Solutions discussed the capabilities needed in an eDiscovery Team to undertake an effective and efficient legal review.

Kate was joined by panellist, Ciara Cooke, Senior Legal Technology Consultant, Enhanced Litigation Management Solutions who shared her practical experience and candid insights.

Topics covered in this session included:

  • Options for conducting a legal review
  • How do you effectively brief your team prior to starting the legal review process
  • The legal review process – understanding the legal review requirements and options for conducting a legal review of documents
  • Milestones, measurements and team responsibilities
  • The end game

You’ll find information about the other episodes in this series here. The series is presented in association with Enhanced Litigation Management Solutions.

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