Digital Literacy Series: eDiscovery Mini Series

eDiscovery Mini Series - Episode 2: The eDiscovery Process – Begin with the end in mind

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On 9 March 2022, as the second episode of five in CLI’s Digital Literacy Series: eDiscovery Mini Series,  Kate Clark, CEO, Enhanced Litigation Management Solutions and colleagues Ciara Cooke, Senior Legal Technology Consultant and Sam White, Legal Technology Consultant, shared their experience, candid insights and walked through several practical mini case studies to illustrate key aspects of the eDiscovery process. Episode three in the mini series completes the two parter on process.    

Topics covered in this session included:

  • Project Management/Planning
  • Identification of potentially relevant document sources
  • Collection of documents
  • Drafting and negotiating a Protocol for Exchange of Electronic Documents
  • Litigation database setup
  • Processing of the documents
  • Preparing documents prior to legal review and reducing the volume of documents for review

You’ll find information about the other episodes in this series here. The series is presented in association with Enhanced Litigation Management Solutions.

If you would prefer to listen rather than watch this episode, you’ll find the podcast in our The Legalpreneurs Sandbox podcast series here.