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08 February 2021

CLI releases Chief Innovation Officers Forum Working Group – Innovation Professionals Capabilities Survey Report

Published on 08 February 2021

CLI is delighted to announce the public release of the Chief Innovation Officers Forum (CIOF) Working Group – Innovation Professionals Capabilities Survey Report. 

You can download a copy of the Report here.  
The Report was compiled from a survey of CIOF members. It provides insights into the evolution and role of senior innovation leaders in legal practice today as well as key indicators of how their capabilities might develop in the future. 
Here are the key takeaways from the Report (there’s lots more to read in the Report in addition to these):

  1. In law firms, the senior innovation role seems to be evolving from the “lawyer” role
  2. Innovation teams of significant numbers have been established in global and national law firms but this quickly drops away in size for all other firms
  3. The role of an innovation professional is multi-faceted although key capabilities are discernible
  4. Key areas of focus combined with innovation in law firms are operations, business development, knowledge management and IT
  5. Innovation professionals can readily identify what capabilities are required for success
  6. Innovation professionals can readily identify their key growth areas for continuous learning
  7. While formal education is the way that most innovation professionals acquired capabilities, they are motivated life-long learners who prefer to learn informally through short courses, webinars and self-directed learning
  8. Industry based and on the job learning is more important than formal qualifications when looking for members to join an innovation team

Huge thanks to the Working Group members who continued to meet and progress this work during a very unusual year: 

The CIOF launched in 2018 as a community of senior professionals leading innovation initiatives in professional service organisations who come together to share experience and the exchange of ideas. In mid-2021, CIOF was relaunched with a more expansive and inclusive remit as the Innovation and Legal Ops Leaders Special Interest Group in CLI’s Legalpreneurs Lab. The Application Form for membership of the Lab can be found here.