Legaltech Around the World Series

LegalTech Around the World: Europe

On 24 May 2022, in the fourth session in CLI’s Legaltech Around the World Series, David Bushby, Managing Director, InCounsel provided an overview of the local legaltech market in Europe.

David was joined by amazing guest panellists:

Topics covered in this session included:

  • An overview of the legaltech market in Europe – challenges and opportunities
  • The drivers/agents of change in legaltech in Europe
  • The difference between law firm, legal department and public sector use of legaltech
  • The importance of community - support, networking, sharing of experience and information about tech in Europe
  • The hype vs reality of tech, tech tools, and AI use and application in Europe
  • What legaltech adoption looks like – not just for improved efficiency but, more broadly, to enhance knowledge and experience capture, compliance, user experience, support the new delivery of legal services/products
  • The importance and need for education and better collaboration between legaltech developers and users (and the role for those who can build a bridge between them)
  • The opportunities for those outside Europe to utilize skills and capabilities in Europe in legaltech

You’ll find information about the other episodes in this series here. The series is presented in association with InCounsel.

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