Leveraging the entrepreneurial mindset in your legal practice

The who, what, when and how of communicating about your legal innovation project

On 23 November 2021, Jan Christie, Director, Capability + Organisational Development at Gilbert + Tobin shared her experience, provided practical mini case studies, and discussed the importance of communication for legal innovation projects.

Topics covered in this session included:

  • Understanding preferred communications styles
  • Getting clear on your project so you can communicate it effectively
  • Identifying and understanding the different communication needs of all stakeholders
  • Understanding what needs to be communicated (the right information, not all the information all the time)
  • When to communicate – formal vs informal and structured vs unstructured
  • How to communicate – the optimal mix of digital and in-person and different tools for different communication style and stakeholders
  • The importance of structuring and determining the best type of communication for your project team (including establishing a psychologically safe environment)

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