CLI Legalpreneurs Lab Innovation Incubator Information Session 2021/2022


On 31 May 2021, CLI’s Executive Director, Terri Mottershead led an information session for prospective applicants for the Centre for Legal Innovation Legalpreneurs Lab Innovation Incubators Program 2021/22 for law firms, legal departments, community legal centres and ALSPs located in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Terri was joined by the Incubator specialist coaches: John Chisholm, Jan Christie, Bronwyn Eynon-Lewis, Jemima Harris, Melissa Lyon, Michael Morrissey, Katherine Thomas and Gene Turner, who discussed the sort of projects that might fall into the areas of focus for the Incubator – Building a Digital Strategy, Client Centred Design, Legal Workforce 2025 and Redefining Value – and how they will approach coaching in support of the projects in their groups.

Topics covered included:

  • Background to the incubators - the concept, outcomes and FAQs
  • Who can participate in the Incubator
  • Terms and Conditions – FAQs, Coaching Code of Conduct and Six-Week Intensive Booster Series
  • The role of the specialist coaches and coaching circles
  • The subject areas focussed on in the Incubator
  • The nature and type of projects for the Incubator
  • How the projects will be resourced (participants, coaches and CLI)
  • The role of the Incubator project leaders
  • Incubator project start and end times
  • Application process including key deadlines. Applications close at 5pm AEST on Monday 5 July 2021. No extensions.

For more information about the Incubator, including a link to the online Application Form, please refer to the CLI website here or contact us at: