ReinventED Legal Business: The Case Studies

ReinventED Legal Business: The Case Studies – Kirkman Family Law

On 26 March 2021, as a session in our ReinventED Legal Business: The Case Studies series, Terri Mottershead, Executive DirectorCentre for Legal Innovation (Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific) chatted with Fiona Kirkman, Principal of Kirkman Family Law about her work and her businesses in family law.

Fiona’s vision is to empower families to obtain more amicable, efficient and cost-effective resolutions without court. Her passion is finding ways to utilise legal technology and dispute resolution processes to craft new ways to practise law. After working for over 15 years in traditional family law firms, Fiona brought her vision and passion together by starting her own family mediation firm - Kirkman Family Law - and a legaltech start-up with her techy husband Tim.

In this session, Fiona discussed how the legaltech products that they’ve developed - LawSwitch & FamilyProperty - work in her dispute resolution practice. If you would also like to see a demo of their FamilyProperty platform, you will find it here.

If you would prefer to listen rather than watch this session, you’ll find the podcast in our The Legalpreneurs Sandbox podcast series here.