ReinventED Legal Business: The Case Studies - Law Squared

On 16 October 2020, in the Centre for Legal Innovation's (CLI) ReinventED Legal Business: The Case Studies series, Terri Mottershead, Executive Director, Centre for Legal Innovation (Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific), spoke with Demetrio Zema, Founder, Director & Problem Solver at Law Squared about how he reimagined and reinvented that business.

Law Squared is an innovative NewLaw firm that has challenged the status quo of the traditional law firm model. Founded in 2016 by Demetrio, Law Squared has pursued its vision to make good businesses great and great businesses better, by working with their clients in a clear, transparent and engaging manner.

Law Squared has consistently pursued its aims to break down the barriers traditional legal service providers have created, by being clear communicators, listening to their client’s needs, being efficient, and always transparent on costs.

Law Squared has proactively approached its delivery of legal services across four practice areas; commercial, corporate, employment and litigation, and, that's led to Law Squared becoming one of the leading NewLaw firms among enterprises and corporates across Australia.

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