Reinvent Legal Business Series 2 – What do law firm clients REALLY need (and want)?

On 27 August 2020, Terri Mottershead, Executive Director, Centre for Legal Innovation (Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific), facilitated a panel discussion that focussed on What do law firm clients REALLY need (and want)? in the Centre’s Reinvent Legal Business Series 2.

Terri was joined by an international panel of leaders and doers in the legal business development, client data, client evaluation platforms and client experience space from Australia and the USA:

Topics discussed included:

  • Whether client experience and client satisfaction are the same thing or something different
  • Why legal practices need to develop a “client first” strategy
  • Whether or not legal services/products can be customized, and should be
  • How to establish/develop/maintain client relationships in a virtual world

If you would prefer to listen rather than watch this session, you’ll find the podcast in our The Legalpreneurs Sandbox podcast series here.

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