Episode 9 Design Thinking Much needed mindsets in challenging times


On 25 May 2020, Melissa Lyon, Legalpreneurs Lab Geeky Guru and Associate Principal of Hive Legal, discussed Design Thinking – Much needed mindsets in challenging times.

This was a timely and important session. As the legal industry struggles with the disruption of COVID-19, there is much that we can learn from and put into practice as we reimagine and rebuild the legal ecosystem, using the mindsets which underpin design thinking and human centred design.


In this session Melissa focused on:

  • The Design Thinking mindset
  • Why it is much needed in the legal industry
  • Why it is needed more than ever as we face a period of uncertainty and disruption
  • Examples of how it is being used and how it could be used
  • How to enable Design Thinking in a virtual environment
  • What’s next

This is the ninth episode in Melissa’s very popular Design Thinking and Doing series – if you would like to view the other episodes, you’ll find them here at the CLI-Collaborate (CLIC) free resource hub.