Legal Techy Tuesday Series: Disburse It Demo


On 18 December 2019, Lauren Hertel demonstrated the legaltech that is changing the disbursement funding marketplace and discussed the problem Disburse It sought to solve, how Disburse It works in practice and how this is shaping and will change the personal injury litigation space.

Disbursements can come as a surprise. Often more expensive than anticipated or not anticipated at all. They’re an expense that needs to be well managed for law firms and their clients. With that in mind, Lauren and her co-founders, established Disburse It.

Disburse It compares disbursement funding products so law firms can find one that’s right for the firm, it’s clients and their cases. Law firms apply for a loan by completing a user friendly online application form and funds are generally approved in as little as 24 hours. The loan can then be managed by the law firm all in one place.

Disbursement funding is a loan product available to law firms and their clients to cover disbursement expenses in litigation such as court fees, medical reports and counsel fees. Typically used in the personal injury litigation space, funding assists law firms to manage their cash flow and provide superior client service. It’s like litigation funding but for the little guys.