Redesigning contracts for readability, usability and trust


Do you have a contract you hate working with? Do you get complaints about how long the contracting process takes? If you aren't proud of your contracts, you can change them! You can re-design contracts to help better achieve your organisation's strategy and reduce real business risks (instead of using the same old precedents!). 

In this tools and tips focussed video recorded on 25 November 2019, Verity White, Legal Counsel and Automation Coach at Telstra, demonstrated how contracts could be re-designed for readability and usability, with reference to lots of practical examples and case studies.

Key takeaways included how to: 

  • Harness contract philosophy to give contracts a strong focus 
  • Support contracts and redesign projects with evidence from academic research 
  • Experiment with science to develop user testing methods for a human-focused contract and reduce re-design uncertainty with basic contract metrics 
  • Easily kick start a contract redesign.