Legal Techy Tuesday Series: LawHawk Virtual Demo


LawHawk launched in 2016 as the first legal document automation start-up in New Zealand. Since then it has continued to grow, now offering services that help legal teams and law firms use their own automated documents as a managed service, as well as providing ready-made pre-automated document solutions. Earlier this year LawHawk and their customer Kāinga Ora were joint winners of the IACCM Asia Pacific Award for Operational Improvement for their project automating Kāinga Ora’s construction contracts.

On 26 November 2019, Gene Turner, Managing Director at LawHawk, discussed the issues he experienced as a lawyer that piqued his interest in document automation, and the missing piece of the puzzle that led him to establish LawHawk. Gene demonstrated his product and also discussed the latest HotDocs products - HotDocs Author and HotDocs Advance – he also highlighted the key improvements from versions used as part of SoftDocs/LawDocs.