Episode 170: ChatGPT Plugins – Why? Now? Next?

Episode 170: ChatGPT Plugins – Why? Now? Next?

This podcast was delivered on 27 June and is the second session in CLI’s AI for Legal Series.

In this session, Ab Saraswat, Chief Revenue Officer at Lupl and Founder of Fringe Legal discussed ChatGPT Plugins – Why? Now? Next?

Topics covered included:

  • The difference between APIs, Apps and Plugins
  • How ChatGPT Plugins are solving some of the limitations of ChatGPT, enabling more dynamic, context-aware systems
  • The risks and challenges associated with ChatGPT Plugins, including data security and reliability
  • Predictions about the future of ChatGPT Plugins, including growth trends and advanced integration possibilities
  • The potential for the development of legal-specific plugins and their implications for the legal sector


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