Episode 126: The Role of a Consultant

Episode 126: The Role of a Consultant

What do consultants, consult about? It’s a great question and the answer isn’t what it used to be! Sharing expertise and knowledge is no longer confined to LEGAL expertise and knowledge in law firms, legal departments, CLCs, or ALSPs. These organisations are increasingly required to solve problems holistically, use the expertise of “all” their specialists for the benefits of clients in a growing number of areas like technology, risk management, innovation/transformation, ESG and many more – “consultancy” is being redefined and reinvented in the legal world!

In this podcast, Alison Laird, Senior Director, Legal Business Advisory, Morae Global and CLI Advisory Board member explored the role of a consultant with these gurus:

This podcast was part of the COL-CLI NewLaw Careers Summit 2022 program on 16 May 2022.

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