Episode 84: Legal Learning Done Digital – Hotshot

Episode 84: Legal Learning Done Digital – Hotshot


Digital learning – sounds exciting, maybe a little scary, but it’s definitely already here and thriving no matter how we feel about it!

In this podcast we explored the world of digital legal learning with our guest Ian Nelson. Ian together with Chris Wedgeworth Co-founded Hotshot, a digital learning platform focussed on teaching practical legal and professional skills to legal professionals.

Ian has lived and breathed digital learning in the legal ecosystem for more than two decades. He and Chris built Hotshot from the ground up, based on a deep understanding of the legal industry coupled with a passion and love of legal education. It’s this history and approach that has earnt them both well-deserved global reputations for thinking out of the box, applying user centred design to Hotshot’s products, and building collaborative partnerships that provide just in time legal education.

Topics we discussed included:

  • What digital learning is and is not (with some help from Wikipedia)
  • How digital learning has become a catalyst, a bridge, and blurred the siloed approach (academic, practical and ongoing) to legal learning
  • The new and emerging role of digital learning from knowledge and skill transfer to changing mindsets and supporting business agility, collaboration and a deepening of internal and client relationships
  • Where digital learning is happening and how it’s rolling out in law schools, law firms and legaltech fuelled platforms
  • What to expect from and with digital legal learning in the next few years

Ian, thanks so much for leading the way and doing legal learning differently, the digital way – we love your work, it’s amazing!