Episode 53: ReinventED Legal Business: The Case Studies – Morrissey Law + Advisory

Episode 53 - ReinventED Legal Business: The Case Studies – Morrissey Law + Advisory


In this podcast, which kicked off our 2021 ReinventED Legal Business: The Case Studies series, Managing Director, Founder and Principal, Michael Morrissey at Morrissey Law + Advisory (MLA) discussed the vision he has for his firm and how he has gone about finding, and working with, the Morrissey Law + Advisory Team to build it – a people first, client centric legal practice.

For those unfamiliar with MLA, it is a commercial and corporate firm with expertise in construction and infrastructure, and emerging businesses. Across MLA’s three offices in Newcastle, Sydney, and Port Macquarie, it leverages the diverse skillset of its team to build great relationships with clients to find real solutions to commercial and legal needs. A large part of the success of MLA’s client relationships is the result of a unique workplace culture which leverages a lack of hierarchy and competition through focusing on teamwork from the bottom up. MLA believe that a focus on removing hierarchies, and adopting team-based KPIs and performance bonuses, have been fundamental in shifting the way they practice law.

If you would prefer to watch rather than listen, the podcast is also available as a video in the CLI-Collaborate (CLIC) Free Resource Hub.

If you would like to learn more about Michael, you’ll find him featured in a CLI Legalpreneurs Spotlight here.