24 July 2019

Announcing the Young Legalpreneurs Scholars 2019

Published on 24 July 2019
Announcing the Young Legalpreneurs Scholars 2019

The Centre for Legal Innovation is delighted to announce the first Young Legalpreneurs Scholars (YLS) in Australia and New Zealand – an outstanding group of early career legal professionals chosen from an amazing group of applicants: 

*Queensland: Jessica Popple
*New South Wales: Sarah McKenzie
*Victoria: Abdul G. Torabi
*South Australia: Amer El Hamra
*Western Australia: Lauren Ziegelaar
*New Zealand: Maria Sopoaga


Huge thanks also to the wonderful and hard-working judges: Ann-Maree David, Dugald Hamilton, Morton Herschderfer, Fiona McLay, Madeleine Dupuche, Melissa Lyon, Catherine Stokes, Katherine Thomas, Graham Jobling, Tobias Crush, Marcus Martin, Gene Turner and Terri Mottershead.

The YL scholars will kick start their scholarship at the CLI Innovation in Legal Practice Summit and then go on to be the founders and the leaders of the Young Legalpreneurs Special interest Group of the Legalpreneurs Lab. Along the way, for 6 months, they will receive expert briefings, leadership mentoring and coaching and work on developing local, national and regional learning communities for early career legal innovators.

You can register your interest for the Young Legalpreneurs Scholarship 2020 here