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19 April 2023

CLI launches Legaltech Confab

The Centre for Legal Innovation (CLI) is delighted to announce the launch of its Legaltech Confab (LTC) in collaboration with Fiona McLay, Legaltech Evangelist at McLay Legal Consulting, who will also host this LTC community meet up. 

The inaugural LTC session is on 27 April at 1pm-2pm AEST – registration is FREE and can be found here. You’ll find the dates for all the 2023 sessions on the CLI website here

“Tech is pervasive in our lives and, consequently, in legal practice too. There is a lot of it and trying to make good choices can feel overwhelming,” Terri Mottershead, Executive Director of the CLI at the College of Law, says. “We hope the LTC will be a place where we chat candidly about the pros and cons of legaltech - strategies, choices, failures and new tech/AI. We want the LTC to be a place where people learn from each other, ask questions, and have fun…just like tech/AI stuff ought to be!” 

As Fiona McLay explains, legaltech needs to be fit for purpose and, when it is, it can level the playing field for solo and small practices. 

“With the right tools small teams can deliver high quality legal services efficiently and compete with bigger firms effectively. Automating back-office processes frees up time to focus on consistently great personal service. By going digital you can build a client base beyond your immediate neighbourhood. I see lawyers who are running successful businesses, and are enjoying their work, because they have been strategic about using tech to shoulder some of the workload. It can take some effort to implement but the benefits of using tech to streamline your practice are huge.”  

Recordings from the Legaltech Confab are only available to members. If you would like to join the LTC, please complete an EOI here