CLI Legalpreneurs future 50 Legal Innovation NOV223
20 December 2022

Legal Innovation and Tech in 2022 – A Year in Review

Published on 20 December 2022

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This session has become a signature event for CLI – this is our fourth year of looking back, seeing what stuck and what didn’t in legal innovation and tech and why. We always wrap with a little crystal ball gazing into 2023 too!  

This year we chatted with Caryn Sandler, Partner and Chief Knowledge & Innovation Officer at Gilbert + Tobin and Co-chair of the CLI Advisory Board; Graeme Grovum, Head of Technology and Client Solutions at Allens; and Tessa van Duyn, CEO and Practice Leader at Moores - we had lots to discuss, 2022 was a big year… 

On the tech side, we spoke about tech stacks (the nice to haves vs not negotiable now in our post COVID BAU world); the winners and the REAL, practical differences between platforms and point solutions; the outlook for legaltech start-ups in 2023 (the good, the bad and the ugly); and yes, ChatGPT too!  

On the innovation side, we discussed the rate and distribution of REAL change in the legal world, where that was happening i.e., in legal departments vs law firms and why that mattered. We did a deep dive into capabilities – how these were changing and expanding to accommodate new law firm business models and meet/exceed client expectations – that inevitably led us to a discussion about NewLaw careers! We also chatted about the many practical, critical ways that firms were processing all of this and addressing that in an employment market increasingly typified by skills shortages, resignations, hybrid work, and with the threat of more economic challenges to come in 2023.  

We wrapped with predictions for 2023…you’ll need to watch/listen to this session to find that out…no spoiler alerts here! 

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