Fractional Marketing
01 November 2022

Fractional Marketing

Published on 01 November 2022

So much has changed in the legal workplace. We’ve heard about the gig economy. We know people are working differently and from different places now. We also know that no matter what your profession, the digital ecosystem has disrupted it and will continue to do that for a long time to come. So, have these changes opened the door to a new way to conceive work for a different workforce? Is it possible to access the right amount of expertise (not all of it), at the right time, remotely, and at the right price? Debra Andrews has answered this question with an emphatic “yes” for the marketing world and calls it fractional marketing!

Debra is the President and Owner of Marketri LLC in the USA and, a marketing guru! She has worked in senior marketing roles in 3 of the 4 big global consulting firms and as a Fractional CMO, all before launching Marketri. Marketri is a strategic marketing consultancy that provides a slice (fraction) of expertise from a whole bunch of marketing specialists in strategy, execution, and analytics to B2B companies including law firms.

So, what exactly is fractional marketing? It means instead of expanding your internal marketing team (Chief Marketing Officer, Managers, creative directors, data analysts, PR professionals, project managers, writers, graphic designers, MarTech specialists) you outsource your marketing work to a team of these specialists who provide the slice (fraction) of expertise you need from them, when you need it. For a company like Marketri, that could mean providing one person to act as a fractional (not full time) Chief Marketing Officer. At other times, it might mean selecting a team of experts in areas relevant to the engagement. And, because the fractional specialist/teams don’t work in just one industry, it also means they bring the best of all ideas, approaches, and initiatives from all industries to the engagement. It’s customised. It’s grounded in efficiency. Being able to access this depth of expertise allows mid-sized businesses to compete with those that are much larger.

We’ve seen the rise of fractional CEOs, now fractional CMOs and other specialists, it will be interesting to see if this idea evolves into a fractional C-suite and beyond!

If you would prefer to listen to rather than watch this session, you’ll find the podcast here.

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