CLI launches NewLaw Careers Series
04 April 2022

COL-CLI NewLaw Careers Summit Opens for Registration

Published on 04 April 2022

The College of Law and Centre for Legal Innovation (CLI) have collaborated on a legal industry first - the FREE VIRTUAL NewLaw Careers Summit 2022 (16-17 May).

You’ll find the link to the event platform and registration details here.

And you’ll find the full event program here. 

Summit participants are invited to choose to attend one session or all 10 sessions - it’s up to you - everyone is welcome.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with our College of Law colleagues for this industry first event. It’s going to be two days packed with information on the new and evolving roles in the legal ecosystem. We’re incredibly grateful to our 46 amazing faculty and supporters whose generosity has made this possible. Their contribution also means we’ll be learning about these roles from the people in them - lots of experience sharing, learning, networking and practical takeaways. We hope, at the end of the two days, participants will know all about these fascinating legal career opportunities, why they are in high demand, and how they can get started on a NewLaw career path,” said Terri Mottershead, Executive Director, CLI.

“It’s an exciting time to be working in legal. There are so many diverse career options. We advise and counsel individuals every day on how much the legal workforce has changed, and how/where they can pursue a career as a lawyer and/or a NewLaw careerist. There could not be a better time than now to hold this Summit,” said Susan Pincus, National Careers Professional, The College of Law.

“The College has recently developed a Career Skills Framework. It articulates employability as that relates to increasingly diverse career pathways and career stages. It’s a framework that has been developed for a changing industry, by people in roles that are leading that change. I’m looking forward to seeing how what we learned when developing the Framework is reflected in the sessions, questions, and discussions at this Summit,” said Lynda Mathey, Director of Teaching & Learning, The College of Law.

The Summit will be held over two days. It will feature 8 NewLaw careers: legal operations, data analysts, legal technologists, legaltech developers, client experience designers, knowledge managers, legal project managers, and consultants in ESG, risk, innovation. It will be bookended with a kick off session on What are NewLaw Careers? and close with a session on Where do I start on my NewLaw career journey?

If you have questions about the Summit or if we can help with registration, please contact us: (our office hours are 9am-5pm AEST).