New Legalpreneurs Spotlight – Future 50
15 March 2022

Digital Transformation, Law Firms and Culture

Published on 15 March 2022

Digital Transformation, Law Firms and Culture – independent and siloed or inextricably intertwined? That’s the question Isabel Parker answered in her recently published book: Successful Digital Transformation in Law firms A Question of Culture.

Change is never easy. Changing an industry that is financially secure, comfortable with the status quo, risk adverse, and built on precedent, is even harder. But, that change is also inevitable in our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world.

In this video session in the Future 50 Series of the CLI Legalpreneurs Spotlight, we chatted with Isabel about her book. We discussed the changing legal ecosystem and, in particular, the meaning of culture; the link between digital transformation and culture; the importance of building buy-in for sustainable change; and where/how law firms can start their transformation journey.

Isabel has had an amazing career in law firms, starting out as a practising lawyer, moving into the role of Chief Innovation Officer, and now as Executive Director of the Digital Legal Exchange. The candid, practical, and real-world commentary, observations, and advice throughout the book and this video, reflect her deep, lived experience in the subject matter.

You can watch our conversation with Isabel by clicking on the video above. If you would like to view this with closed captions, please select that option.

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