Research Fellows

Research Fellows

Research fellows

Appointment as a Centre for Legal Innovation Research Fellow is open to anyone who has a proven research record or requires seed funding to advance a specialism/expertise that intersects law and innovation (for example College staff, lawyers, other professionals and consultants).

CLI appointed its first Research Fellow in May 2018: Nicola Atkinson, Head of Talent and Development at Redcape Hotel Group (Sydney). CLI’s current Research Fellow is:


Talya’s Fellowship will explore the strengths, weaknesses and uptake of digital barrister briefing design models and determine their level of application and functionality for use in the community justice sector. Talya will draw on her experience as the owner of her own start-up family law firm, and how she has designed and implemented new ways of practicing family law, to develop a methodology for reimagining, analysing, documenting and creating a framework for using legal innovation to enhance access to justice.


For more information about the Research Fellowship Program or to register an Expression of Interest, please contact the Centre's Director, Terri Mottershead.