04 January 2021

CLI Appoints Research Fellow in Data Use in the Legal Industry

Published on 04 January 2021

CLI is delighted to announce the appointment of Denise Doyle, Legal Enablement Lead at Telstra, as a Research Fellow in the area of data use in the legal industry.

Denise’s Fellowship will identify what, how and why data is used in the legal industry, analyse its impact, seek to understand why the legal industry has been slow to adopt data analysis, and explain its reluctance to embrace how and what data can deliver. The Fellowship will also determine if there is a correlation between the slow adoption of data analysis in the legal profession and, if this slow adoption can be attributed to the way lawyers are trained. Denise will author a series of blog posts and podinars throughout her Fellowship, culminating in a Report on her research findings.

“Our Research Fellows are an integral part of the Centre’s thought leadership agenda,” said CLI’s Executive Director, Terri Mottershead. “The use of data in legal practice – internal and external – has become one of THE critical skills for legal business leaders, managers and legal practitioners too. Denise’s Fellowship will help identify and analyse why the legal industry has been slow to embrace data and how we can use it more effectively in the business and practice of law. We can’t wait for Denise to start!”