Digital Literacy
16 September 2020

CLI Launches New Digital Literacy Series

Published on 16 September 2020

Digital Literacy...we read and hear the term often but, what does it mean in legal practice? How do we know if our firms/organisations need a digital strategy? What does it look like? If we use tech/AI, are we digitally literate? What tech/AI should we use? What capabilities do we need to be digitally literate? How do all of these pieces fit together? These questions, many more, and some not yet anticipated, that will be answered in CLI’s new Digital Literacy Series that launched today.

“We believe there is a real need and appetite for this series right now,” said CLI’s Executive Director, Terri Mottershead. “The series will be delivered by people who are creating, doing, advising, using, and delivering legal services and products that define/redefine digital literacy. They’ll provide information, templates, checklists, recommendations, experience sharing, case studies, tools and demonstrations – it’s going to be practical, informative and we hope helpful too!”

You can register for the first three webinars now, all focussed on more effective and efficient use of Office 365, and presented in collaboration with our friends at LOD.