10 December 2019

The Emerging Legal Professions Have Emerged

Published on 10 December 2019
The new and emerging roles of allied professionals in the legal industry has continued to dominate discussions and recruitment in 2019. 

The Centre for Legal Innovation partnered with the Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA) in 2018 to conduct research and subsequently publish the findings from one of the first surveys into the emerging legal professions in Australia. Much has happened since then and as the legal industry continues to innovate, driven by new and different client expectations, employee expectations and developments in legaltech/AI, there is no doubt these new (or increasingly not so new) specialists will continue to play an integral role in the scoping, evolution and delivery of legal services and products. The Centre’s Executive Director, Terri Mottershead, was recently interviewed for an article on the “Rise of the Non-Legal Professional” by Karin Derkley for the December 2019 issue of the Victorian Law Institute Journal focusing on two of these specialist roles in pricing and project management.

Continuing with its targeted research in this area, the Centre recently announced the establishment of the first Working Group for its Chief Innovation Officers Forum (CIOF) – this will focus on the essential competencies for innovation professionals in law firms in Australia and the extent to which there is or should be a discernible career path for them. The Working Group is led by Katherine Mountford and will kick off in 2020. If you are a CIOF member and would like to join the Working Group, please contact us at CIOF@collaw.edu.au by 31 December 2019.