25 September 2019

CLI Launches First Legal Design Thinking and Doing Video Series

Published on 25 September 2019

We are super delighted to announce the launch of CLI's 8 episode Legal Design Thinking and Doing video series. Conceived, developed and directed by Melissa Lyon, Associate Principal at Hive Legal as the project for her CLI Distinguished Fellowship, this series brings to life, in a legal setting, the concepts, principles and application of design thinking in a practical and user friendly compendium.

Whether you work in a law firm, legal department, in the pro bono sector or working with people in the legal industry, this video guide is going to be a wonderful resource and...it's free and available on the CLI Collaborate (CLIC) Resource Hub.

Huge, huge thanks for making this possible to Mel and all her guests Carlie Andrews, Ella Cannon, Neil Cook, Sarah El-Atm, Kate Fazio, Tristan Forrester, Meera Klemola, Lisa Leong, Andrea Perry-Petersen and Andrew Price.